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        Industry information

        For woven label, is the color request high?

        2015-06-18 In By

        Every customer has his demand for woven label. That request the products should be correct color, good quality and competitive price. The material of woven label is yarn, while for printed label is variety. More colors in the label, more difficult for production. Most of the machines just have 4~5 colors. And every machine is in different performance. The best we can do is 12 colors in one label. That’s quite a high difficult.

        How to make sure the color correctly?

        1.The point is to control the color tolerance. It’s different to control for the cotton yarn and the scribbled.

        2.Have measure for control color tolerance and take action.

        3.Need to classify, control percentage for cotton mixture and cross over correctly for the ingredients work.

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